As in life, sailing is a combination of easing along nature’s tempo and being highly prepared for the unexpected. Our program is designed to help participants gain a sense of direction while being sensitive towards their ever-changing selves and others in their lives.

We utilize the ocean to extend the road of recovery. While onboard one of our sailings, voyagers participate in our SeaTherapy™ program, which promotes a sense of peace and balance while strengthening the spirit through daily meditation and activities that reinforce a positive mental change. This change will enhance a sense of mental control in anxiety-provoking situations; mental control that strengthens the long-term resistance to stress and teaches lifetime coping mechanisms.

Our Mission

It is our mission to give our voyagers a sense of empowerment and new direction in life. Our focus is to integrate the body, mind and spirit to make a positive, long-lasting change. We do this by providing guidance to all of our voyagers by helping them to learn balance and embrace the positive in order to chart their new course. Sailing teaches our voyagers the fundamentals of operating a sailboat while learning about discipline, team work, responsibility and accountability.

Voyagers may select from introduction 4-day, intermediate 7-day or extended 30-day (+) voyages that depart from major ports in the continental United States or neighboring islands off the eastern coastline.


SeaTherapy™ promotes a sense of peace and balance, while mapping the spiritual aspect of life to take the person above ego and day-to-day concerns. Mentors provide SeaTherapy™ in groups and individual settings. Daily meditation practices are taught and encouraged. Spiritual guidance is taught on an individual level as well as in groups.

Our daily schedule of activities integrates the body, mind & spirit which is the foundation of the SeaTherapy™ program. It is important that our voyagers learn skills that are transferable to a variety of situations in life. We find that the calming rhythms of the ocean waves helps to increase an openness of spirit and facilitate the growth of the individual toward a positive change.

Holistic Program

Through Mindfulness, our SeaTherapy™ is specifically designed to facilitate change through the positive relationships the participants will forge with mentors and other voyagers, as well as improving relations with family. Each voyager will also learn and demonstrate new skills which increase self-esteem and confidence.

We believe that our voyagers are most likely to find health and happiness when they achieve balance in these four elements:  self-esteem and identity, relationships with peers and others, life skills and goal setting. Our program is comprehensively designed to help our voyagers and their families gain balance and well-being in these elements.

Who We Serve 

We are inviting men from the ages of 18 years and older who are in the transitional stages of recovery to participate in our SeaTherapy™ program. Currently our program is designed for males only, however a female focused program is being developed. Please feel free to complete the CONTACT US form if you would like to be updated when female voyages become available.

Experienced Professionals

The program is staffed 24-hours a day, by a professional team of Mentors, Spiritual Advisors, Captain and Crew. They are each highly trained with many years of experience in education, recovery and sailing.

Onboard Services 

 All voyagers will benefit from the following services:

  • Sailing instruction that teaches students the fundamentals of sailing
  • Recreation and leisure time activities (fishing, snorkeling, shelling, swim)

  • Wellness Activities (Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation & Stress Management)

  • 12 Step meeting and mutual help support (AA/NA, Smart Recovery, etc.)

Upon completion of the SeaTherapy™ program all voyagers are offered a follow up referral for ongoing recovery support and/or other healthcare services as needed.