Voyagers must be ready to participate in our SeaTherapy™ program, which incorporates exercises to enhance the body, mind and spirit aboard a sailing vessel.  To participate as part of a sailing team, it is crucial that our voyagers be ready mentally and physically to engage on one of our life-changing voyages.

There will be many opportunities to sail with us but no passengers will ever be “carried” (meaning non-participating) aboard the ship. These vessels are inspected and certified by the US Coast Guard as a Sailing School Vessel (SSV). All who sail aboard her will fully participate in the ship’s operation.

In order to participate in Vision Voyage™, the following criteria must be met:

  • Males; Ages 18 and older

  • Realizes that there is a need for more personal and deeper level work to be done in order to achieve and maintain a meaningful recovery from addiction and related emotional behavioral disorders.

  • Must be stable in recovery from all other co-occurring behavioral health diagnosis(es).

  • Must be physically stable and fit enough to participate in an active sailing experience aboard an ocean-going sailing vessel.

  • Must be medically cleared by a licensed physician (MD/DO) for the physical demands of sailing the open ocean.

  • Must be medically cleared by your treating physician-psychiatrist/psychologist (MD or PhD,or PsyD) for the psychological challenges of an outbound, open ocean experiential treatment program.